22 May 2008

Mike in Action!

So, some wonder what Mike does when he is out and about the country, visiting hospitals, and being his fun, jovial self. This was taken just yesterday in Georgia and yes, it is a touch screen! He looks good in his shirt & tie, we always see him at home in his Hawaiian shirts (which he LOVES!).
This time he ended up working in a hallway! It is usually a side room or small office (closet).
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A first for everything!

First time for everything!

I have a few friends that have a blog and one in particular (yes, you Michelle) inspired me to get off my duff and just get it done! Thanks! =)

So, as busy as my family is.....as much as I am on the computer....and how far away all our family is living.....what a great way to keep in touch.

Here we are last summer at my sisters house. Just by looking the kids have grown up so much since then. I think Richy is at least 6 inches taller now.