27 June 2009

14 & 18

It has happened. Another birthday, May 11. Yes, I have 2 children who share the same birthday exactly 4 years apart. Trust me, you can't plan that, as all my mom-friends know. Every year Mal and Richy have cake together.
It has been a journey of different ways to celebrate. Richy has moved from crackers, egg & milk free cake, real cake, and in 3rd grade a giant chocolate chip cookie. Mallory has had a real cake for most of her years. In high school she has had variety, DQ ice cream cake, assorted cheese cakes, and this year, yep, a giant chocolate chip cookie. Nice for mom, 2 kids agreeing.
Soon, the candles will over-take the cookie. I'm glad they like each other. They do have fun together.
Any unique birthday situations in your families? Love, Jenn =)

21 June 2009

Track April 30

Richy doing the high jump. He did pretty good, he has good form, body-type and all, but needs help with technique and of course patience.
Getting the baton passed to him. Not as good as the first race.

Getting caught up, Love, Jenn =)

17 June 2009


Mal was so excited to go to Prom this year. It was on April 25th, the theme was "Masquerade". So, the black and white dress Mal found was perfect! There were a few snafus with a date, but her friend Mitchell Dumais came through for her! He is a Junior and the Jr. Drum Major past year, and a great friend. They also call him "Nigel"........he-he, band kids.
Mal and her friends, Courtney Wasata (left) and Randi Wilson. Their dresses were really pretty, Mal was the only one who was warm with the freezing weather that night. The whole gang. Senior girls with the Junior boys, Courtney & Ian, Mal & Nigel, Randi & Shaun. They had a lot of fun. They went to Couer d' Alene for dinner, the floating restaurant, The Cedars and then the dance at the Fox Theater. She had a lot of fun and wasn't worried about her dress falling down, being able to breathe, or being cold!
Gotta love my Mormon girl! Love, Jenn =)

14 June 2009

I'm back in the Blog World!!!

Well, it seems like forever since I've checked in. My friends are like, "where are you?" Life has been so busy and now that school is getting out on Wed, (yes, thank you Winter snow and too many snow days that we are now paying for....) I can start to get caught up on the 439 pictures I just downloaded to my computer. I put them in a "Clear Camera" folder and will post as I move them to the right file. If anyone has a great way to organize their pictures, I'm up for suggestions. Upcoming posts will be about Graduation and additional family (I just noticed my dad added all his the pictures he took to his file on my computer - way to go Dad!!!), Prom, more Track, Birthdays, Lake (bumble-bees, geese, turtles, & sunsets along with a few water sports and boat drivers!), and of course, catching up Jacob's Mission Blog, which has been neglected also. Hope you will tune in over the next little while........... But, on to the burning question in a lot your minds........
"What ever happened to your cups, Jenn?"
Funny you should ask me about that, and I have a picture to prove it!! If any of you need a refresher on the subject, you can check out the history here. Feel free to read the comments and suggestions offered by all.
Now, I've been home from Utah about 3 weeks, my dear sister is over for dinner before I take her to the airport one lovely, Sunday evening. She asked me about how my adventure was going and if I had tried any of the suggestions that had been offered. I replied, I hadn't had the opportunity, I was going to try that week, now that we were home from taking Jacob to the MTC. She pickes up my stuck mess.........

and "POP"

they come right apart!

No, kidding......we laughed so hard! So, I am not very strong and my engineer sister is way smarter than me! Must be all in the wrist, the twist, pressure applied at the right angle, I don't know.....But, the cups are safe, not broken or tossed, back in the cupboard with a good chuckle! Love, Jenn =)