10 August 2009

DCI fun!

Mallory & I spent the last 2 days in Indianapolis, IN, living out a dream of Mal's for her Graduation present. We were there for the DCI (Drum Corp International) Championship. Other than the jet-lag that killed us West coasters, it was a lot of fun.
Our parking was just a block from Lucas Oil Stadium, in some guys backyard. Hey, it was half of what the stadium parking was, what a deal! We watch Open & World Class Corps and in between walked to a park a few blocks away, where the corps warm up. It was a FanFair! Booths of the local attractions where we made our own fan buttons, a free cup from a local university, free frizbee, pen, stuff like that.
Mallory looks excited!!! We met a couple who had come from England just for Finals. That is dedication! We also met some old cronies that meet together every year, parents of kids in different Corps, a lady that wouldn't stop talking during the shows, and a local couple that only stayed for the first half (if we had known, we would have told them it gets better at the end!).
Our favorite Cavie DrumLine! Mallory is friends with the Center Snare, although there are 8, he is on the left (the short one). He graduated from CV and visits during camp sometimes. We found the venue where they practiced and caught a little bit of that. The corps were spread all over the area and we tried to find ones that were close and by the time we got there, they would be finished. But, we did get a little of the Cavies.

Mallory took almost 300 pictures, so I won't bore you with all of them, I'm sure she will pick the best ones and post them onto her Facebook, if anyone is interested it them.

This is the "V" of the Vanguard. Very famous, usually the end of their show has the cymbal line flashing the "V", this year they ended with a Guard member being lifted and her standing on the cymbals. No "V", so this was the only one we got. =(

And the final retreat.

It was a great trip, I think we had White Castles everyday, if not twice! At least I grabbed an apple from the Hotel, otherwise we would have officially eaten junk the entire trip. I slept for 9 hours when I got home, then had a full nights sleep. It felt great, now that I'm back on track for the week. Love, Jenn =)


Dad said...

It's quite different from the trips we made across the river to Alton to watch the DCI contests years ago, isn't it? The finale pic is impressive.

Lene said...

That looks amazing.