05 August 2009

Summer Relaxing

I got some great pictures at the lake this summer. It has been fun experimenting with the settings on my camera and fussing with different ideas for projects. My wheels are turning, I just have to get caught up on them. I always feel behind. But here are a few for your enjoyment.
Look at this cute little buttercup, just begging to have her picture taken!!
And this daisy...
Mystery flower? Reminds me of the Cockle-shell nursery rhyme....
And this beauty!!
Can you see the dragon fly on the twig?
Then he flew around for a while, and I got this one, with my Macro-zoom!
Got some of Becca playing and she noticed........
A Woodpecker hole, high in the tree!
And who should peek out of his home?
When he flew around I got a shot of him. He wasn't very cooperative in turning around to get his best side!
I have really enjoyed taking picture with my new camera from my birthday. It has been fun, I have a few more sunset pictures, but I need to get them all in the same file! Love, Jenn =)

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Dad said...

Great pics, Jenn. it's fun, isn't it?