08 October 2009

Catch Up

It has been a while and I decided that I can't play catch up, just start from where I am. We have had some great letters from Jacob and he was actually transferred today. His new area is Las Sendas, still part of Mesa. He sounds good and is excited to have a new area and people to work with.

My pictures for today are from this past weekend. Richy is marching with the Central Valley Marching Band. He is not really marching, he is in the pit and has to push a lot of equipment. I was ableto chaperone this weekend, which is always fun. These are the warmups for Pre-lims. Richy is sporting the new uniforms, they hang the gauntlets on the back, so they hook them on the back to help keep their form.

With his back to Mead's performance, he starts his focus time!

Richy and Brandon, on the field, ready to go.....

They performed well, not their best, but hopefully they got all the nerves shook out. CV scored ok, came in 2nd in the Prelims with Mead ahead by 1.2! As the kids finished, it started to sprinkle.....and sprinkle....and sprinkle....then rain...rain....rain....then pour...pour....pour. It poured for hours and in the end CV & Mead pulled out. It was too dangerous with our equipment and electronics, and the turf was flooding, I think Parker didn't want kids to get hurt (sprained ankled, or break something, damage instruments, etc) in Tri-cities, when we have bigger fish to catch later in the month. Pouring! Pouring! Pouring! Who knew it ever rained there.


Dad said...

Lookin' Good, Richy.

Brianna said...

Yay band! Windsor had that rain problem too a few weeks back!