26 June 2008


Our family dynamics have changed so much in the last month. We have seen it everywhere at our house. 1) It is finally summer, warm and sunny days are here now. 2) Getting Logan ready to leave for a month. We will miss him. 3) Jacob has been in Boise working for the last 10 day, we miss him too. 4) Richy has grown about 6 inches, he is about eyeball to eyeball with me. 5) Mallory and Becca are spending a little more time together. That is always nice. 6) Some of the plants my sister helped with are alive still (but, some are dead!)

14 June 2008

Comfy Cocoa

So, now that most of the family has returned home, Cocoa can now have her place back in Mal's room. She is a little shy around people and I hardly saw her all week. But this is where I found her after all the hub-bub was over and she had her routine again. Silly kitty! She missed Mal.

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12 June 2008

Where's the proof?

Jacob with his Elicker cousins. Brandon, Jacob, Brianna. Front row: Richy, Logan, Benjamin, Becca. We missed Mallory as she was tied up with the band. We never did get a picture with of them together in his duds. =(

Proof Positive!

Brag table done by his Aunt Bethany and Aunt Melany. They were great help to me this weekend.

We are proud of him!

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Jacob's Graduation

Well, it's finally done! Jacob is graduated! I cried on and off for 2 days. But, it was great and Jacob worked hard. It really was such an accomplishment for him to finish. He's a great kid, but a procrastinator Crunch time came, and there was a little stress.

Last time playing with the band.
Banner in the Arena.
Proud parents. =)
Proud Grandpa from St. Louis. Thanks for coming Dad!
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02 June 2008

Remember when....

Well, Jacob has 3 days of school left until after his mission. Can't believe he is that old. He brought home his year book today. We had it engraved with his name on it for his senior year. You can buy a spot in the back for Senior's baby pics and this is what we picked and worked on for about 3 hours one morning. He just smiled and shook his head, we are so silly!
(Insert pic here: can't find pic, Mike will send it to me and then I will add it)
Congratulations! You are an awesome Big Brother, a Super Example, a Joy in our lives, and truly a real-life cartoon character! We are so proud of you! Your future is bright and full of possibilities. Always do your best!
Mom, Dad, Mallory, Richy and Becca

01 June 2008

Hayden is full of water!

So we went to the lake on Memorial Day and saw this at Tobler's. The lake is SO full! We had this nice weather about 2 weeks ago, in the 90's and now we are dealing with all the snow melting at a fast rate! Haven't seen this much water in a long time!

Here is the main creek, Mike thinks it's Jim Creek, but I think it's something else. Jim Creek is the one that goes into our bay. Right? (After note: I was right, this creek is called Yellowbanks Creek)

The swimming dock.

I love how the moving dock is higher then the stationary dock.

Lots of water for a fun summer if anyone gets a chance to come up for a few days, it will be great!
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