31 August 2008

New Kitty!

When we went to the Girl's Camp Fireside, we aggreed to take a little kitten. Silly me, what was I thinking! You would think I have enough little critters running around my house with 5 hamsters (another service-oriented resuce story), Cocoa (our aging kitty, I think she is 91/2 - anyone know cat years?), plus my 4 kids, 1 nephew, and just because I'm on a roll, Mike, too!
She is so small! They say she was 8 weeks, but goodness, she is tiny! Here she is in Mal's sweatshirt pocket. We all call her something different: Mal calls her Jynx, Mike calls her Spike, Jacob just calls her Kitty, I personally like to call her Deantsy (Dintsy? Deeeeeentsy?) I need a good language person to comment on the spelling please, where's Mal when I am typing! She likes to hang out around our necks, I suppose it reminds her of her mother. Warm, near our vocal cords for purring and talking, and can feel our hearts beating. Cocoa doesn't really care for her, but hopefully that will change over time. In the meantime, I give Cocoa extra love and space on the bed until she adjusts (don't tell Mike!).

28 August 2008


On August 16th, Jacob had his first baptism. We have had the pleasure of being able to teach Patti McElfish in our home for the last few months. She is a joyful spirit, and the simple truths of the gospel speak to her. She has cerebral palsy and lives around the corner from us. Her birthday is tomorrow, but we will have her over on Sunday for cake!
Our favorite missionaries! Elder Simonds and Elder Clark. They are the best Elders in the mission! Not biased at all am I? Elder Clarrk went home on Sunday. I will truly miss him. I'm sure he is having tons of fun with his family and catching up on movies!
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21 August 2008

Me and Mal

Me and Mal, helping her make a beaded scripture book marker. I thought it would make a great gift or simple enrichment activity.
Mal and Lani in a "Yo" pose?
Funny Mal!
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Girl's Camp

This is like the 4th time I have tried to post these pictures. I guess I will need to talk to my SIL about some of the ways that she posts, can't get mine to do some of the cool things she does. SO, anyway, here again are some of my 150+ pics from camp. Our theme was "Journey through the Jungle". So much fun with 121 girls and 38 leaders!
My Crafty Critter ladies. We did a Level Craft and Free Time crafts.
Mal and her YCL pals, Kate & Sarah. They had 7, 1st Level girls in their Neata Cheetahs!
Level Craft. It was so neat to see the girls being creative and unique!
We hung them on a broken tree branch, right and hung some on a clothes line.
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14 August 2008

Paino Camp June 08

Becca and I had a great opportunity to attend Piano Camp again this year. She had a great time, renewing old friendships, making new ones and lots of smiles and giggles.
This is Jodi Graves, concert pianist, master teacher and a very fun gal!
Here is Becca playing a duet with . They had an ensemble class where they learn those great skills of working/listening together. It was Becca's first time playing the secondo part and keeping pace and listening to a beginner. She did great!
Her fabulous, awesome, inspiring, dedicated, one of a kind teacher (and the director of the camp): Ms. Mary Simpson! She is the best! She has asked me to help plan and organize next years camp. What an honor!
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13 August 2008

Richy Got A Haircut!

So Richy Really, Really needed a haircut!!!! It took us a while and after a few friendly banters, we said "TODAY, IS HAIRCUT DAY!!!!" (July 14th actually)

And it was such fun we took a before.......

a Very Sad Before..........

and here's an after.....but he was hiding.....

Here's a handsome boy!!!

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