27 September 2008


So, yes I know, it's been 3 1/2 weeks since school has started. I don't know who checks out this blog anyway, but hopefully I can get better at posting and sharing. I figure it's like my journal, documenting important events, silly and weird stuff.
My baby has started 4th grade. Yes, 4th grade. She has Mrs. Bergdahl and helps a little Russian girl with her work. She speaks no English, but can read some. There is another student who speaks Russian and interprets also. So, they work as a team, Becca more sign-language-ish, and more as a friend/companion.
Richy is on his last year of Middle School. 8th grade, the big 13. He is excited to be running Cross Country this year and is pretty good at it. Now we will have to brush up on that sport, we don't know how to encourage/supprot him. We need to learn the buzz words and the lingo.
Mallory is a Senoir!!!! My second. She is so beautiful and full of spunk and spirit. She has really taken on a lot with her AP classes, marching band, and looking for a job. She is a great musician, too. Music is her fav! Another school year has started.

06 September 2008

Lost Kitty

It was a sad night last night. In a matter of moments our kitty was gone. She was playing in the dark hallway, someone zigged as she zagged and she got stepped on.......she was gone in about 30 seconds. We buried her at Grandma and Grandpa's under the pear tree. She was so cute and spunky, not a mean-thing about her. She was worming her way into everyone's life, even Mike, who is allergic to her. We miss her tremendously. ~>.<~ crying tears.