28 March 2009

First Day in Salt Lake

Oh, we had such a long drive. It is so hard to get out of town at a decent hour. The ideal was 2 pm, we aimed for 3, and the actual was 5:30. So, we planned to use some points and stay in Pocatello, ID. Mike drove to Missoula, then we switched, after we turned south, I told Mike if he wanted to drive again he had to sleep. I am a late night person (as you can tell from my late-night posts, if you keep track), so I got us all the way to Pocatello. Now it is 3:30, and Mike, under normal circumstances, would be getting up to help a friend with a paper route, decides to drive us all the in. Jacob apparently didn't sleep at all. Becca woke up about Ogden, so Mike had a nice conversation with her about our drive, pointing out temples along the way, and different landmarks from when we lived in Kaysville when she was first born.
After arriving at 6, we slept until 11. We went to my in-laws cute little (and it is little), one-bedroom, missionary apartment. It is near City Creek Park where we had a few adventures. The kids would throw a stick or piece of wood and watch it run down the creek, catch it and then run back and do it all over again. (hehe - no electronics!)
Then they began goofing around having fun with the man-made islands in the middle of the man-made preservation of the creek. They are able to find fun everywhere!
One of our favorite things to do in SLC is go to Sizzler. I know, some of you might think that's weird, but we love it!
I had the kids stop and serenade their dad for a moment outside, with our famous Birthday Song! By the way, he turned 43 today, he thought he was 44! Memory problems early? I missed Richy's air-guitar, but it was great dinner and it was fun to laugh at the dinner table one last time.
We drove down the street of our old house in Sugarhouse. The kids were laughing at stories and reminiscing. Poor Becca, was hearing some stories for the first time, as she was an 0-6 months at this house. We commented quite a few times how the mountains are all of a sudden there. We forget they are then and then when we look "up", it surprises us. So, we grabbed a few shots
and then turned west to the sunset and off to Kelly's house for a late visit. Ready for Day 2? Hope I can get it done! Love, Jenn =)

25 March 2009


on my counter!
My Sister in Law is going to start laughing at me.........I have these 2 cups. My dear children (don't know who), in doing their chores, and being obedient, put away, and stacked, 2 glasses........while they were still warm from the dishwasher. They are stuck. Stuck. Stuck! I won't mention how many months they have been sitting there, it doesn't really matter. I really like my full, complete set, that I have been able to keep together for almost 2 years. I have tried under running water, putting ice water in the top....
using my great science theories, ice water in the top and warm/hot water in the bottom, all to no avail. If anyone has suggestions, besides my sister in laws (which is to throw them away and forget about it - I do love you though, for trying to help me out of my misery), I would really appreciate it. I am going to set them on my counter until I get back from Utah. Then try one more time my tricks and any new tricks that have been suggested. Then, shhhh,
I may have to throw them away? Thanks, Love, Jenn =)

21 March 2009

Who is that weed?

Richy that is.....

look at how tall he is.......they are standing against the gym wall goofing around with Mike after Becca's music concert. He is officially taller then Mom. (MIke's shoulder, Mallory, Jacob, Richy)This one is not all that great, but I love the expressions on their faces! They are happy in the moment.

I like this one, you know the saying how dogs and thier owners start looking alike?

20/DSCN0160.JPG" border=0>hehe..............Love to all! Jenn =)

ps. This is actually a picture 3 months old of Zeke, but I have tried for a week to capture this look....he's just too antsy and rambunxious these days.

20 March 2009

Ever feel like...................

Ever feel like time has slipped away? The whirlwind of family, appointments, commitments, callings, concerts, mission preparations,? Life got so crazy that all of a sudden a month has gone by and you haven't posted? Oh, no, that never happens to any of my friends. Everyone is able to post at least once a week, if not more, with me being the exception. Can't believe a month has gone by. Slowly I'll get caught up.....because I have pictures, pictures, and pictures of all the events. At least I remembered to take them most of the time.
So, I have since organized them, and some of my thoughts. I am going to start with the music events of the month. This is the most. Feel free to skip, scan or ignore parts of this post. This is part of my journal keeping too, so you get all the random thoughts that go with it! (There are 6 items)
#1. Becca had her 4th grade music program on Feb. 23rd. She is so serious when it comes to music. She is intent on counting, watching the teacher, helps others stay together. She was also able to participate in the Marimba Club.
Her teacher Mrs. Franks and Bec.
#2. The next week, on March 2nd, Becca played participated in adjudications. This is where she has 2 contrasting piano pieces, memorized, and plays them for a Master Teacher. She is always very nervous. It's like she plays and then they tell you all the things that are wrong. Yes, but no. It's like a mini-lesson and they give you pointers and ways to improve the piece, new skills to practice, etc.This teacher is a professor locally, somewhere in the state, or west. There were 4 in Spokane during the week, they adjudicate for 3 days and then a concert on Thursday. We had a young guy named, Christopher Haun, from the University of Montana-Missoula. He was really nice.
I video taped the whole segment, so I don't have a photo of her playing for him, just warming up in the warm-up room.
#3. Then that on Tues and Wed, Becca and Mallory played at CV Days at the Mall. The Central Valley School District has displays from each school (Elem, Middle, High) throughout the Mall and then most of the bands, orchestras, choirs, etc. perform during the afternoons and evening. Mallory plays the French Horn and then takes a few songs, runs back and plays percussion, drums, etc. She loves playing different instruments and is good at all of them. I think she is planning some kind of music in her future. I think the next week she also had a concert at the school.

#4. I had the opportunity to take a friend to the Barry Manilow concert. She raised her kids and cleaning her house, blasting Barry throughout the house! She can't drive at night and was looking for someone to drive her. So, I volunteered to drive and take her for pie or dinner before. We were so excited to go and the day before......it was cancelled! Barry decided he needed to rehearse for a Vegas show, rather than come to Spokane. What? Those are not cheap tickets! So, now it has been rescheduled for October 23, 7 months away. Oh well, moved it on my calendar, right in the middle of marching season.

#5. I had my make-up piano recital last week. I started out the year with about 17 students, but economics have played a part and I have lost 3 families which is 8 students. The Christmas Recital was scheduled right after the big storm in December, I had to cancel it. The parking lot was just starting to get shovelled out about 30 minutes before it would have started. There would have been no way to get into the building to even have the recital, let alone families being able to get out of their houses. So, then after being off for 3 weeks, it's like starting from scratch for a recital.
The kids did great! They all worked hard. Some were awarded Minute Club certificates and them we had Practice Pizza, for their practicing goals. I played "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven, 1st movement. One of my favorites and my mom's, too. #6. Last but not least, and one of my favorite music moments of the last month, the girls sang at Jacob's mission farewell. I had picked up a songbook from TOFW (coming up post), and in it was the song One Voice. We had used it at girls camp a few years ago and has just stuck in my brain. It is one of Mallory's favorites and is now Becca's. That is about half of the events I am going to post about. These I could combine with a theme. Thanks for hanging in through them all.....more to come in the next few days! Love to all, Jenn =)