20 October 2009

My First Concert

Well, while everyone was off getting rained on in Hillsboro, Oregon or listening to Elder Bednar, in person!  I had my very first Concert!!

It was amazing to be performing with these other teachers. I have become more active in the Spokane Music Teacher's Association and that has opened doors for me. This summer I performed with other teachers at Becca's music camp and then this past weekend. These are associations that I am truley grateful for. I have learned so much and have been inspired to be more, for myself, my students and my collegues.

We played the Waltz from Faust. It's an Opera, but the waltz is the most famous and has been arranged for many different instruments. Our arrangement being for 2 painos, 8 hands. I played with 3 other ladies, my partner was Mary. We had so much fun! Although the other piano skipped a measure and threw Mary and I off, I hit all my runs and my trouble spots! That was good enough for me. I ordered a DVD and CD of it, and we had pictures taken just like professionals. Oh, wait, they consider themselves professionals! I felt honored to be considered their friend.

I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. Some of the others were. I decided that it was just like Recitals for my students. There is no more preparations that you can do, you perfrom how you practice and I felt it would turn out ok. And it was, thank goodness!!!

I played in the first half and the second half was one number. It was Rachmaninoff's Second Concerto, about 40 minutes long, duet. One piano playing the piano score and the second piano playing the orchestral reduction. It was fascinating to watch, anytime one part had  measures of rest, the pianist would change, so there was a rotating exchange of about 12-15 performers, I should have counted but didn't.

I enjoyed playing with Mary a lot. She wants me to do a duet with her for the Food Bank Benefit that she organizesm for Second Harvest. That is sometime early next year I think. She is amazing to play with.


Kris said...

Awesome Jenn!!

Brianna said...

That's so awesome that you did that! I wish I could have been there!

Sarah, Bear, Redbearskie said...

You're so awesome!! I'm proud of you for doing something that makes you so happy. Very cool!