24 April 2009

And the winner is...........

Richy is running track this year. This is his last year in Jr. High, so he has more opportunities for events. It was FREEZING COLD for our typical Spokane Spring afternoon, with periods of rain (and a burst of sun). Richy on the right with his friend Jay during the burst of sun.Mike was there the whole, long 4 hours, as they slowly went through the events. As a side note: I know it sounds weird but Richy is allergic to the cold. When he is not warm enough outside in the cold, the histamines in his cells start reacting, his skin breaks out in welts and gets terribly itchy. So, Richy starts to have a reaction, goes to sit in the car with Mike to warm up. While he is there, he misses the calls to register for the field events. He was supposed to do the high jump, but missed it. We'll try for next week. After I taught my lessons (and moved the rest to Tues until track is over) I made it in time to watch him during the running events. His races for this meet were the 800m and the 4x400 relay. On your mark, get set, go! Here he is crossing the finish line after running around the track twice. He came in 3rd over-all, 1st for his school, out of 24 kids. Awesome!!

Next, is the 4x400 relay, where each runner runs one lap. Here is Richy getting the baton to run the last leg. There were 3 teams.

And the winner is...........RICHY!!! WOO HOO!!! It was so exciting, they were behind the first 2 laps, the 3rd lap they were able to catch and pass, and Richy put on the steam and got a great lead. Richy told us after that he was expecting to be passed any second, because that is what always happens as he approaches the finish line. But after he won, he turned around and the next guy was just rounding the corner. Richy was so excited!

He had planned on coming home with us, but he wanted to ride the bus home with the team now. He is so Mr. Pop-U-lar! There were kids saying hi all the time, then he turns to us and says, "I don't know who that is!" But, he is always kind and polite to them. Such a great kid! Tune in next week..........Love, Jenn =)

13 April 2009

The Sound of Music

My Dad is the best. He has done it again. I think he sends me links, just so I can post them (hehe, just kidding!) He must have remembered that the Sound of Music is my all-time, bestest, comfort musical! I love it. I was in it when I was in High School at the Community Theater. I was only a postulate (beginner nun, wanna-be), but I loved doing the musicals. He sent me this link to an awesome video of one of the most recognized songs. There is an article about the video first then the video is embedded. They were right you can't help but smile, and we all could do a little more of that. Enjoy! Love, Jenn =) The Sound of Music

12 April 2009

Spring Break and then some

Time has flown by, it seems Spring Break was so long ago, but Jacob has just left. As he has mentioned in one of his letters, it's has something to do with the space time continuum. I'm a little slow on the draw these days. The day after we got home from SLC, I fell and broke my elbow. At least for today, it's in a temporary splint til we see new x-rays tomorrow. So, let's see how long it takes me to post......
We had such a great time in Utah. The short version....

Happy Birthday to Mike!

Sunday Night Jam,

Met with my friend Tammy, we grew up in the same home ward during our high school years..... Richy and Avery before pictures.

Becca and Avery before pictures, Avery was a favorite on the trip......

Blurry, candid, but reflects the mood of the trip...........

The girls being silly.........Zach, hiding.......stinking cute!

Looking toward the temple, from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. You can see the Conference Center across the street to the right.

I have some great mom-kind-of snaps, flowers and such. I'll posy those later, along with the update on the glasses by the sink. Love, Jenn =) took 4 hours, minus facebook and other Internet searches probably 1-1/2, now onto 4 days of mail, ahhhhhhh!!!