27 June 2009

14 & 18

It has happened. Another birthday, May 11. Yes, I have 2 children who share the same birthday exactly 4 years apart. Trust me, you can't plan that, as all my mom-friends know. Every year Mal and Richy have cake together.
It has been a journey of different ways to celebrate. Richy has moved from crackers, egg & milk free cake, real cake, and in 3rd grade a giant chocolate chip cookie. Mallory has had a real cake for most of her years. In high school she has had variety, DQ ice cream cake, assorted cheese cakes, and this year, yep, a giant chocolate chip cookie. Nice for mom, 2 kids agreeing.
Soon, the candles will over-take the cookie. I'm glad they like each other. They do have fun together.
Any unique birthday situations in your families? Love, Jenn =)


Sarah, Bear, Redbearskie said...

May 11th is MY birthday, too! What a small world, and what a cool couple of kids to share a day with!

Jenn said...

That is funny! I now remember Mallory making a list on her facebook about that. There were quite a few! Missed you tonight, it was a small group.