17 June 2009


Mal was so excited to go to Prom this year. It was on April 25th, the theme was "Masquerade". So, the black and white dress Mal found was perfect! There were a few snafus with a date, but her friend Mitchell Dumais came through for her! He is a Junior and the Jr. Drum Major past year, and a great friend. They also call him "Nigel"........he-he, band kids.
Mal and her friends, Courtney Wasata (left) and Randi Wilson. Their dresses were really pretty, Mal was the only one who was warm with the freezing weather that night. The whole gang. Senior girls with the Junior boys, Courtney & Ian, Mal & Nigel, Randi & Shaun. They had a lot of fun. They went to Couer d' Alene for dinner, the floating restaurant, The Cedars and then the dance at the Fox Theater. She had a lot of fun and wasn't worried about her dress falling down, being able to breathe, or being cold!
Gotta love my Mormon girl! Love, Jenn =)

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